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I'm in such a state of transition right now. As usual I hate any type of change in my routine, having a touch of O.C.D. But, I seem to be keeping my shit together despite the forces upsetting my routine.

The new job with Gieco is a go. When I went in for my final visit, to get my drug test done and have my ID badge made etc., the guy doing my background check met with me and asked all the usual screening questions (any felonies, etc.), when it came to my credit he asked if I owed a substantial ammount of bad debt. I was upfront about my situation, as I had been on my application when the same question was asked, but when he asked about the ammount he said it could be a problem and might cause the company to rescind the job offer. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck for the next few days. It didn't help that I had a four inch thick packet of health plan info to look over that I might not get in the end.

A few days later he called and said that everything was fine. But due to liscensing guidelines I had to work out a payment arrangement with one bad debt that had gone to court and resulted in a judgement. The ammount on this one debt is pretty substaintial, but I called yesterday and got them to reduce some of what I owe. I didn't mention I had a new job that payed twice as much but told them I currently worked part time in retail(which is true...at least till the new job starts) so I got a very low payment that'll be managable with the new salary. As much as I'd like to pay it off as quickly as possible, I think it'd be better to save an emergency fund first, and I have so many other bad debts it's not going to improve my credit score much, if at all to pay it off.

But I got it all sorted out.

Another big change is moving out of the place where I'm renting a room. I had the last two days off so I finally finished my packing. The parents are comming by with a truck today to get my few sticks of bedroom furniture. My room looks so barren and uncluttered with no books on the shelf and just a few clothes in the closet. I wish I could live like this all the time.
Anyhow, I'm going to stay with my parents for a short time till I can find someplace more long term. My mom knows how many issues with sleep I have and wants to make sure I'm up and on my way to work for training which starts at 8:30 each day. After training I'll be on an evening shift.

I'm still going to keep working at Best Buy one, maybe two shifts a week, for extra money to save and spend. It blows my mind just how much more money I'll be making now. I've already gone out and bought a few business casual items at the designer discount stores. Most days I'll probably be fine with khakis and a polo shirt though. Living on the poor for so long has taught me how to make every dollar stretch, for which I'm glad. I came home the other day with both hands full of new clothes and had only spent 75 dollars. The plan is to save as much as possible my first year at Gieco though.

When I think about the direction my life is going in I get a sense of relief. Mentally I'm already calculating my pay and budgeting for car repairs, savings, new living stituation expenses. And I'm looking forward to having health care again. It'll be a relief to go to the eye doctor and be able to buy new trendy glasses afterwords and have it all covered, and I can go to the dentist and actually make sure that everything is good there. I know life will still be stressful, but the struggle to make ends meet will be lessened.
You know those really bad books where the protaganist at some point says, "I never was the same again after that summer..."? It sounds weird but I kind of am having that summer.

I think it all had to do with turning 30. In the months and weeks that lead up to my birthday I mde a huge deal out of it. I mean 20's is ones youth, the 30's usher in adulthood. And then my 30th Birthday came and went and I realized I still feel like the same person...who incidentally still gets carded for tobacco products.

And the weeks prior to my 30th I realized I couldn't help being older, but I sure could help being overwieght. So I went on a diet and lost 30 lbs in just two and a half months. Really I just restricted my calories and went with lots of vegetables and fresh healthy food instead of eating my feelings each night at the McDonalds drive through. I look good even to myself wheras before I avoided the mirror sans clothing.

And I went after and scored a new job. No more drudgery for $8.50 an hour and no benefits...no. I start training as a customer support rep. for Geico Insurance next week. Yes, it's by no means glamorous, but I'll be making 30,000 dollars a year now(almost three times my current wage), have my own desk, and be able to go to the doctor and dentist now with insurance.

I honestly am just as shocked as everyone else. I guess I got to a point where I was ready to take the next step. I wish I could write more but my current job has me all worn out and I need to sleep.
I'm sitting here looking at this update page and there's so much I want to write but I just can't get started. That seems to be the theme of my life lately. Basic things I really want and need to do seem like herculean tasks, and as a result, I do nothing at all...
A coworker was talking smack about me today to my best friend at work. I loathe passive aggressiveness like that. Obviously you know that friend is going to turn right around and tell me. Be a man and say that shit to my face. And when you consider the source it's even more ridiculous; a man several years older then me, who criticizes me and says I'm whining about needing benefits. You live off your wife. She makes 3 times what you do. Your favorite topic of conversation is how awesome a car your PT Cruiser is. You're just like the fat girl in high school that tries to make everyone like her by cracking jokes, and is clueless that everyone hates her and rolls their eyes when she invites herself into conversations. Meanwhile I made employee of the month and they want to find any excuse they can to fire you so I can take your full time slot.

When I consider the source I'm conforted. Like the movie with the blue people, I've embraced the culture of the natives on Planet Maturia. Your shit talking is a minor annoyance not the life crushing experience that you think it is.

And thank God Salt n Pepa taught me a valuable life lesson at the tender age of 13. The cassette of the "Very Necessary" albums is one of my prized possessions.

I'm alive. I exist. I livejournal therefore I am.

Haven't had the internet in forever.

Much to tell.

My birthday was last week. I'm 30. I'm loosing weight. I'm looking for a new job and a nicer place to live. I get frustrated sometimes, and almost loose it, but that's ok.

Writer's Block: First love

At what age do you think kids should start dating? How old were you when you went on your first date? Was there anything you would change about the experience? How do you think it shaped your expectations?

I lost my virgnity before I ever went on my first date, in the back of a hippie van at an Oasis cocert back in '97. I've been getting fucked in the ass by life ever since.

From My High School Journal.

"June 1, 1997. Went to the Jamiroquai concert last night. Jay Kay is even more amazing live in concert. The music jumped into my body like a venereal disease from a hooker. Not looking forward to school on Monday. I think Mr Entley decided to ruin my Junoir year by seating us alphabetically. Gus is a total a-hole. I hate these rich kids. Thank god the school year is almost over. "

Mar. 30th, 2010

On vacation in Florida with my family. Not much to say, except they're driving me crazy.

Lizards...lizards everywhere.

Mar. 11th, 2010

I've caught the shopping bug again. I need an intervention bad...