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I had a relaxing weekend, well after my new used car was bought. Not what I was expecting, but I'm enjoying it and happy with what I did get.

Had a lovely lazy Sunday. It involved a pampering hair cut at the salon, coffee downtown with a dear work collegue, grocery shopping, and then relaxing on the couch with magnum cans on Heiniken.


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May. 7th, 2012 08:55 am (UTC)
Sounds like a productive weekend. Did you sell a car or buy a car? And what sort? What kinds of cars do Americans drive round your area?

Your weekend sounds better than mine, I had to go away with a school group, share my motel room with three students and spend the weekend listening to school drama, debate, scripture reading, speeches etc etc etc OMG! Now I'm back and tired for the week!
May. 13th, 2012 06:04 am (UTC)
I hope they have some kinda socialized retirement plan in NZ. As it is in America we have social security, but it's future is iffy, despite everyone paying in. I'd love to see you with an empty nest and unlimitted time to write.

My 1998 Mustang GT(4.6L V8 engine, 17MPG) that I got died due to anitfreeze eating through all the spark plug cables after the radiator blew. We put 1500 dollars into a new radiator only to have it work for 1.5 weeks.

I used the cancer scare and the fact that I'm just getting on my feet to solicit a certain sum from my father from my estate. The plan was to use my Grandfather's Ford employee discount(he was an engineer in the 1960's) to get a festiva at cost. Unfortunately cost in $16,500.

So we settled for a 2009 KIA Rio with 28,000 miles on it and an extended warentee on the engine at transmission.

Most Americans still drive huge gas guzzling SUV's despite gas prices trippling over the past few years. This is my first 4 cylander engine car. Fuel econonmy is becomming more of a factor in out purchasing decisions, especially after price fluctuations between 3-4 dollars a gallon over the past couple of years. 12 years ago gas was only 87 cents a gallon.
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